Demonstration DVD


Beginners: Learn the basics.

  • Loading the blade onto the handle.
  • Blade angle that will provide the best results.
  • Proper body positioning for you and your client.
  • Removal and disposal of used blades.
Pro’s: Learn advanced techniques
  • Tricks and tips to improve your technique.
  • More detailed information on contouring brows and around the lips
  • Attention to ergonomics – very important for those with a high volume
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Our Demonstration DVD Kit contains one full hour of dermaplaning information and demonstrations.  We have 2 full demonstrations: left-handed and right-handed.
Both demo’s include basic and advanced techniques for safely working around the mouth, under the eyes and the nose.
You’ll also see a demonstration of the NuPeel Natural Enzyme.
Bonus: Also includes 1 #10R Butter Blade and a Sample of the NuPeel Enzyme.

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