Over the last few years, the word wellness has become a staple in the spa industry.

Introducing a health element to a spa can attract clients and add a new revenue stream. In a survey of industry members, nine out of 10 respondents said they were planning to make wellness-related investments in the next five to 10 years.

The challenge remains in deciding which health option complements your current spa menu and how to use it to build a more complete wellness package.

Create something that you would experience in Europe. Visualize you are examined by a physician before you have any treatments and you travel to the spa to maintain your health or to get healthy.

With that in mind, creating something that offers everything from nutritional counseling (to aid for chronic pain) and of course, spa treatments.

Partnering with medical establishments makes a spa’s wellness services known to clients who may not typically visit a spa. Clients with chronic pain may be referred for massage therapy or hydrotherapy and those with stress could be sent for wellness counseling.

For spas that are looking to add a wellness element but don’t have the resources for a wellness or nutritional consultant, it is best to start small with retail items that fuse with your current spa options.

Skin Deep Formulations can help to contribute to your bottom line and help grow and enhance your overall business.


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