This “holiday” is a fun way to connect with your customers about sun, protection & after-sun care.  If you are located like me, in Canada, where summer seems to be our shortest season of all, telling your guests to stay out of the sun may fall on deaf ears. 

What you can do is use days like today in your marketing plan to educate guests on the damage of the sun, what over exposure can cause, different protection you offer, and post sun care tips. 

It is easy for us to assume that everyone understands the importance of sun protection & the risks but the reality is that despite all we think we might be doing to educate & properly prescribe, with skin cancer increasing – it’s apparent there’s room for us as professionals to do better. 

Some ideas to increase sun education in your business: 

  • a regular social post dedicated just to reminding the dangers of sun exposure.  Show photos & explain how the skin is affected 
  • skin cancer awareness: share statistics & tips
  • Showcase your sun protection offerings & be sure to educate on the different types of protection & how to choose the right one. 
  • Refresh all guests on sun protection post-service both in consultation, follow up & maybe even a take home paper reminder. 
  • Upgrade your education – stay up to date with webinars, clinical studies & latest research on sun damage, skin cancer & all things related to sun. 

While we can all agree that staying out of the sun is the best protection, the next best thing is a properly educated guest making all the right choices for sun protection. 

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