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“Things You Need To Know About Dermaplaning”

What Exactly Is Dermaplaning? Dermaplaning is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that promotes glowing, radiant skin by eliminating unwanted peach fuzz and dead skin cells. Dermaplaning results are immediate and provide excellent alternative to chemical peels and microdermabrasion. It is also utilized to enhance various other treatment procedures such as laser, micro needling and chemical [...]

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Important Update Regarding COVID-19

Hello Industry Professionals! As we continue to closely monitor updates regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we wanted to reach out to our community and ensure them that the health and safety of our partners, trainers, clients and employees remain our top priority. ORDER/SHIPPING UPDATES: In order to maintain a clean environment, we have taken extra precautions both [...]

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Bonus PROMO | receive an additional 25 pack of blades - Giving you a $1,250 in Extra Revenue Potential when you register for any of our upcoming fall Dermaplaning training dates. Come and join us at Skin Deep Formulations Training Academy to learn the art of exfoliating the epidermis to remove dead skin cells & [...]

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Why You Should Consider Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning. It’s a new skincare trend that’s filling the pages of beauty magazines (and blogs) all over the world. It’s the hottest way to remove facial hair, according to beauty experts. And just in case you were thinking that the hair comes back thicker and blacker, don’t worry, your face remains as clean and smooth [...]

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Get your holiday glow on with a dermaplaning treatment

Dear Santa, If you’re reading this, we need your help! Everywhere we look, our friends, our colleagues, even our barista at Starbucks, have that beautiful holiday glow. Santa, our dull, dry and sensitive skin is not looking so good (we almost don’t want to go out to parties!) If we could wake up on Christmas [...]

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Dermaplane Facial Is Fabulous For All Skin Types!

What Kind of Skin is Good For A Dermaplane Facial? This type of facial is fabulous for all skin types and conditions except cystic acne. Some examples of skin types and conditions that can benefit from this skin treatment include: Dry Skin Dehydrated Skin Rosacea Skin Sensitive Skin Pregnant or Nursing Mothers (no harsh chemicals) [...]

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Dermaplane Facial Benefits

What are the Benefits of a Dermaplane Facial? Even Skin Tone and Texture. This facial helps to even out your complexion. In some cases, the surface discoloration and pigmentation can be removed. The outcome of this is dependent on how deep the pigmentation goes below the surface of the skin. The glow and radiant skin [...]

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If you are like us and are dreaming of having baby-smooth skin once again, you need to consider dermaplaning. This procedure is perfect for those who are want to even out their complexion without the hassle of downtime.   We love dermaplaning because if you think your face feels amazing after a facial done by [...]

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